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Marius Yo

30 March
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HI I AM USHIO OKAZAKI and i like marius yo since march i like him because his so cute and sexy even if he's a 13 year old his only 13 but he knows how to do a sexy pose why he join on j.e he was force by his mom HE WAS influenced by HER mother! he wanted to join Takarazuka which HER mother was a member of, but because boys can't join it he decided on joining Johnny's! Everyday is full of happiness now♥ I like MARIUS AND IT will be turn into love someday ^^ i like cooking and i like surfing net everyday my favorite food is yakiniku,white asparagus and miso soup my mother always cook for me so i love cooking too..
marius type is a girl like me :)
why did i say that was me because i aM SMART AND I AM NOT SHORT TEMPERED GIRL
and etc., e artist especiall sexyzone., eating, j, listening on music